Perfume Designed By you



Design Your Own Perfume

Perfume Designed By You for You

Creating your own signature perfume or cologne takes around one hour and is informative, as it is interesting, as it is entertaining. We only use high quality oils and the finest ingredients, so the perfume you create will smell beautiful and last long into the day.

So, once you are sitting comfortably...   We start by introducing you to classic perfume structure and cover a few house rules to help you make the most of the experience.

  • Blend by blend, we take you through the 18 perfume oil blends in The Perfume Studio system.

  • You carefully smell each blend and we will provide information on its character, main constituents, perhaps share some perfume stories with you.

  • We will encourage you to select your favourites and then start combining to see how fragrances complement and contrast.

  • If you are overwhelmed by choice we will perhaps add a few suggestions based on our experience, or demonstrate some more subtle variations.

  • We will also encourage you to think of a name for your perfume - most important.

  • Gradually you will come to a blend that is typically "you" - your signature perfume - unique and beautiful.

  • Once you're no less than delighted with your choice we'll show you the range of bottles, flasks, etc we offer.

  • Finally we will make your perfume up before your eyes, bottle it in your selected container and place in its gift box for you to take home.

Our clients come from all over the south of England and some travel from even further afield.

To find out more or book your own perfume experience please contact Christina on Telephone 0845 094 3868 or email