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The Blends

Unique, Exquisite, Aromatic

The Perfume Studio system uses 18 beautifully complementing, top quality perfume oil blends. The ingredients for our perfume oils come from the four corners of the globe and are carefully blended by our master perfumer to create these beautiful, harmonising base fragrances.

Citrus - bright, sharp, refreshing

Green - invigorating and natural

Ozonic - fresh, crisp, clean, dreamy

Fresh Floral - comfortable and caring

Fruity - youthful bubbly sweetness

Rose Floral - elegant, refined, eastern

Floral Floral - narcotic and sensual

Gentle Floral - delicate and very pretty

Heady Floral - hot and passionate


Spicy - deep exotic warmth, oriental

Woody - smooth and sensual

Balsamic - classic, decadent French

Aldehydic - rich and sophisticated

Musky - gentle warmth and depth

Mossy - earthy and animalistic

Herbal - rustic, tonic, Mediterranean

Amber - warm and sexy roughness

Tonic Sport - fresh, sporty and fit


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